Recording Department

Common Documents

Deeds – Documents that convey real estate

Deeds of Trust – Documents that encumber real estate.  In the State of Colorado, the Public Trustee, a third party, is appointed as regulatory official

DD214 – Documents which state an individual’s military record.  The Chaffee County Clerk’s office records DD214 documents free of charge and makes certified copies of these documents free of charge.

Subdivision Plats – Approved maps showing the legal boundaries of lots, blocks and easements at the time of recording, within a subdivision.

Other – Judgments and decrees, federal and state tax liens, releases, public trustee documents, business incorporation and statements of authority and marriage licenses, for example.

Document Recording

All documents recorded are indexed and imaged digitally. Original documents are returned to the owner. Digital images are uploaded nightly, and are available for searching online.

Please Note While the Recording Department will record any document presented by a customer, customers should understand that simply recording a document does not confer legality or authenticity on the document.

Submit Documents to the Correct County: Often documents intended for recording in one county are sent to another county by mistake. Please be aware that Chaffee County will NOT reject these documents and will not issue refunds for recording fees paid due to such an error. It is the sole responsibility of the submitter to ensure that you are recording your document in the appropriate County.


Recording Fees

New Recording Fees-January 1, 2017.  As a result of the passing of SB16-115, Colorado recording fees will be calculated as follows:

$13.00 for the first page and $5 for each additional page for all recorded documents.

Recording Fee Chart 


e-Recording Documents

Chaffee County encourages you to e-record your document rather than submitting it in paper form.  The convenience, speed and security of online recording can more than offset the time and cost of paper submittals.

e-Recording your document takes minutes.  The process of submitting by paper, particularly if you are mailing it in, can take a week to 10 days to complete.

eRecording submitters:

Simplifile  1-800-460-5657.

CSC  (866) 652-0111,  To submit documents electronically visit their website at

Indecomm Global Services, Web link:, Email: , Tele#: 877-272-5250


Online Search of Public Documents

To search Public Documents online follow the link,  The charge per day is $25.00 and the per print charge is $0.25.


Search In-Person at the Clerk’s Office

Visit the Clerk’s office in-person to perform public searches at no charge.  Copies of documents are $.25 per page.

Note:  By law, the Clerk is not allowed to do searches on properties.  Customers can search for documents themselves or Title and abstract companies can do the searches. (30-10-101)(2.5)(C)